The Future of Work

Promoting a sustainable vision for the future of the American workforce

The Future of Work

A Comprehensive Approach

As the modern workplace changes and Americans seek to find their place in it, we need a comprehensive approach to work that considers Americans at all stages of their career – from pre-career to retirement. In order to create an inclusive ecosystem for the entire American workforce we need an information hub where resources and policy recommendations are at our fingertips.

With all of these tools in one place it allows workers, employers, businesses, and local and federal governments to work collaboratively to help improve and support the workforce. The Future of Work is that information hub that offers all of the latest research, developing programs, and news from across the country, along with updates from policy experts and business leaders relating to workforce development and job training.


Critical Components to a Successful Future of Work for Any Given Individual

Preparing, educating and training to work
Remaining competitive in the workplace
Work life Balance
Work as a member of a family
Changing work
Retiring from work with stability and security

Issues that Impact the Workforce

College Affordability
Responsible collegiate programming such that degrees translate to careers with good wages and benefits
Job training and credentialing
Non-college higher education
Public-private partnerships that result in pipelining Americans through training and into jobs that fulfill employers needs
Continuing education
Degree inflation
Sustainable capitalism
Substance abuse programs that consider the critical nature of work to one’s sense of self
Affordable housing with reasonable proximity to workplaces
Affordable transportation options for those who cannot live close to work
Affordable, portable healthcare options that match the modern workplace
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