In a world of constantly changing health needs and a variable pharmaceutical landscape, Pfizer has always had one goal: to create breakthroughs that change people’s lives. As the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, they have been at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, producing the household names of Lipitor, Zoloft, and Lyrica among many others. Their breakthroughs have aided a range of medical disciplines, including  immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology. And, most recently, Pfizer took charge of the development of a front-running Covid-19 Vaccination. 

But Pfizer’s work also goes beyond the purley pharmaceutical as they use their financial investments and expertise to help strengthen health systems and improve access to quality healthcare services for patients around the world. Together with their partners they fight to promote global health and wellbeing by creating transformative and sustainable solutions, programs, and investments. Every day, Pfizer focuses on expanding access, strengthening health systems, and highlighting individual voices, to create a healthier world for everyone.

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